The best tools you are ever going to have and you get them for free - are your hands. You can think about things all day long but you can’t think a problem “fixed” - you have to fix things with your hands.  So take real good care of them by pretty much always wearing the right gloves for the job.  I personally won’t even wash dishes without ‘em.  That said, I do indeed have a collection of different kinds of gloves to wear when I do different kinds of jobs.  Besides a good pair of rubber gloves for working in the kitchen which I also use anytime I’m working with any kind of soap and water, I recommend getting a nice pair of leather drivers for almost every other job - unless you’ll be handling really rough stuff like bricks and cement which tears them up too fast - and a box of disposable latex gloves for those  quick and dirty jobs you just want to walk from and toss out the evidence.  Your manicure will thank you.

PS. There are some times when I arrive at a situation without gloves and  I have to deal - but I HATE IT!